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What is the Home-Break Championships? An opportunity for us all to compete on the waves we know best.
Where is the Home-Break Championships? Anywhere and everywhere you surf! It is all up to you. Your home -break may be the Wave in Bristol UK, it could be J-Bay in South Africa, or The Lane in Santa Cruz. You surf where you want in what ever conditions you have or want. Judges won’t be judging the wave, they are looking at home you work the waves your given and how well you control and manipulate the board on the wave.

Now sign-up below and start shredding and winning!!!!

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Open to all ‘Medically Certified’ adaptive surfers.
30 Adaptive divisions (15 Male / 15 Female)
Max 8 waves per series, top two count towards series finals
Points awarded per series towards event championship
Cash and prizes to top three finishers of each division

EVENT INFO SESSION – Thursday Aug. 20th @ 8am PST via Zoom

EVENT INFO SESSION – Monday Aug. 31st @ 7pm PST via Zoom

32 divisions (16 Female/ 16 Male) -First 16 divisions follow ISA Para-Surfing Classifications**. See section 1.7 for details on classification of other divisions.
Men and Women divisional videos will be submitted in the same contest link. Organizers will separate Men and Women wave scores. Individual Men and Women’s winners will be crowned.

  1. Stand 1 – Upper limb deficiency as defined by ISA*
  2. Stand 2 – Lower limb (below knee) deficiency as defined by ISA*
  3. Stand 3 – Lower limb (Above knee) deficiency as defined by ISA*
  4. Prone 1 – Surfs in a prone position, does not require assistance as defined by ISA*
  5. Prone 2 – Surfs in a prone position and requires assistance in the water as defined by ISA*
  6. Visually Impaired 1 – Surfs with a IBSA classification as defined by ISA*
  7. Visually Impaired 2 – Surfs with a IBSA classification as defined by ISA*
  8. Kneel – Surf in a kneeling position as defined by ISA*
  9. Upright*** – Surf with one upper and one lower limb only, on the surf board at all times.
  10. Deaf/Hard of Hearing – Surfs with severe hearing loss, 71 dB HL or greater
  11. Wave Ski – Surfs seated, lack of the use of his/her limbs below the waist, assisted by paddle
  12. SUP – Surfs standing, limb deficiency upper or lower, assisted by paddle
  13. PTS/Mental Health condition – Any individual with a diagnosed mental health disability that classifies them as 100% disabled by their home country
  14. Wounded Warriors – Any veteran with a service connected disability rating of 50% or greater physical or mental health related
  15. Cognitive or Intellectual – Surfer who has a cognitive or intellectual condition that classifies them as 100% disabled by their home country
  16. Short Stature – Defined as dwarfism (>4’10”) or as defined by his/her home country

Full Contest Rules*

    1. Any location is acceptable
    2. Clip must be filmed during the series month and date stamped as proof
    3. Surfer must be wearing AmpSurf contest vest for video to be eligible
    4. Maximum of eight uploads per month
    5. Only one wave per clip upload
    6. Top two waves will count towards series placing
      1. Top one wave from weeks 1 & 2 and top one wave from weeks 3 & 4 will be added together to determine total score
    7. ISA Para-surfing Rules & Regulations** will be applied. If a division is not included in the ISA Para-surfing Rules & Regulations, the ISA Para-surfing Rules & Regulations will be adapted to that division from the ISA Para-Surfing rules and Regulations that match closest for that division as determined by the event organizers. i.e. there is no ISA Para-Surfing Short Stature division, so the rules from the Stand 2 Lower Limb Division will apply.
      All Surfers MUST surf in the style/manner as dictated in the ISA Rules and Regulations for his/her division with out exception! i.e. In the PS-K, Kneeling division a surfer must be either in a seated position or kneeling position with his/her knee(s) or buttock in contact with the board. A surfer in the PS-K Kneeling division CAN NOT stand on his/her foot or feet while surfing a wave to be judged.
    1. Panel of three judges will judge the submitted waves.
    2. A scale of one to ten, with two decimal places will be used
    3. A surfer’s two highest-scoring waves are combined for an overall series total (refer to 1.f.i)
    4. Points will be awarded for series placing, each series point score will be added together to award overall champion in each division
    1. Commitment and degree of difficulty
    2. Innovative and progressive maneuvers
    3. Variety of maneuvers
    4. Combination of major maneuvers
    5. Speed, power, and flow
    6. Wave score will be awarded for the extent a surfer best rides the wave she/he catches. A surfer may score higher on a poor wave if he shreds it more than another surfer on a good quality wave
    1. Video Quality: Any camera quality is allowed; home video camcorder, iPhone, Surfline Camera Rewind, etc. However, clear quality is required for proper judging.
    2. Video Waiver Rights: By entering this event or any other AmpSurf event, you give AmpSurf the right(s) to freely use video footage you have submitted for your entry at AmpSurf’s discretion.
    3. Each month you should upload no more than 8 video clips with the following criteria
      1. One wave per video submission
      2. Video entries must be filmed in the submission month. It does not have to be a separate session for bi-weekly submission
      3. 4 waves every two weeks i.e.
        1. September 01 – 15 submit 4 waves. Judges will score and select 1 highest scoring wave
        2. September 16 – 30 submit 4 waves. Judges will score and select 1 highest scoring wave
        3. September 30 – Submissions close for Series One
    4. Organizers add score from best wave in 1st two weeks and best wave from 2nd two weeks together
    1. Money awarded for Championship finishers (completes all three series) in each division, Female and Male as follows
      1. Half of Championships entry fee goes towards cash prize for each division. i.e.
        1. 2 entries for Kneel division, $100 each towards prize 1st place finisher gets $200 cash prize.
      2. Cash prize caps at $1000 (10 entries) per division.
      3. 1/2 of Entry fee per division after 10 go towards 2nd place cash prize up to 15 ($500), 3rd place cash prize after that up to 18 ($300).
      4. Cash prize caps at 18 entries.
    2. Trophies/Medals, awarded for 1st-3rd place finishers in each division, Female and Male, per series completion and Championship finishers.
    3. Trophies/Medals, and Cash ($100) awarded across all divisions for Championship;
      1. Best Overall Wave
      2. Best Wipeout
      3. Most Stoke
      4. Most Improved Through Series
      5. Largest Drop
      6. Best Style
    1. $ 75.00 per series or
    2. $ 200.00 for all 3 series
      AmpSurf event shirt and AmpSurf Jersey will be sent to all registered contestants to use for competition videos
    Must be emailed to, subj: Challenge in [Division] by [Athlete] in [Series #]and brought with in 72 hours of scoring. All Challenges will be reviewed and responded to with in 72 hours. No Challenges will be accepted with in 7 days of a series completion.

August 20th Contest Competitors Q & A recording

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Thank you SOLOSHOT for giving all Competitors 20% your gear. After sign up competitors will be given a code to get the 20% off.

Thank you Surf Dog Ricochet for being a $1000 sponsor!Thank you for your support of this event!!! 4Impring has graciously offered to create all event t-shirts for the competitors

Thank you Challenged Athletes Foundation for allowing all recipients of your 2020 CAF Grants to use those funds towards the contest entry fees

Thank you to all our program sponsors and partners

*All fees, rules, divisions and prizes are subject to change and review. No Refunds will be issued for any reason.

**We are using ISA Para Surf Classification, Rules and Regulations, as written and updated January 8th, 2020, in an unofficial capacity only. Please note, this event is in no way sanctioned by or being put on by the ISA. AmpSurf reserves the right to make its own determinations in regards to classification, contest rules and any other matter related to the event. AmpSurf will make determinations based on these classifications, rules and regulations as we see fit.

***Para Surfing Upright (PS-U): The rules for competition in the PS-U sport class are as follows: Athletes in this sport class are permitted to have support getting into and out of the water and on and off their board. Athletes are required to be independent in the water during their competition heat. Athletes in this sport class will paddle into a wave without assistance and surf while standing on one lower limb and one upper limb only on a surfboard. Surfing while kneeling or standing on two lower limbs or lying in a prone position or using both upper limbs or a combinations of limbs greater than 2 limbs is not permitted in this sport class. Waves will not be scored if an athlete does not have one lower limb and one upper limb on the board and only one lower limb and one upper limb on the board .
Athletes will use an unmodified surfboard in accordance with contest organizers adopted rules and policies. No additional equipment is permitted except for use of prosthetics, orthotics, or essential safety equipment that does not enhance the ability to surf. Equipment is subject to the discretion of the contest organizers. Waves will not be scored if using equipment that does not comply with contest organizers adopted rules and policies. Equipment used in competition is required to be verified by the contest organizer prior to competition. Swim fins, powered surfboards, wave skis, and paddles are examples of equipment that is not permitted to use in the PS-U sport class. Athletes in this sport class will compete standing/crouching while surfing in the following position:
1. Athletes will stand/crouch on one lower limb(sole of foot or residual limb) and one upper limb (palm of hand or residual limb) whereas the one lower limb and one upper limb will be in contact with the surfboard and the weight of their body will be supported by the one lower and one upper limb on the surfboard at all times while surfing.