All events are FREE to participants, but we do ask for a small deposit to hold your spot at least 3 days in advance of the event you wish to attend (1 week for multi-day events). Hold your spot with a refundable deposit of $25 for one-day events and $50 for multi-day events. deposits need to be made at least 3 days prior to the clinic, (1 week for multi-day events), cancellations will not be refunded with in 2 days of a one day event, or with-in 1 week of a multi-day event. Once a participant attends an event, your deposit will be refunded.  On the day of event, beach sign- ups will have a $75 fee for each day.

West Coast events
Please select the clinics you are interested in attending. Please note each clinic requires a separate deposit to hold your spot. Your spot will not be held until the deposit is received, and your deposit must be received within 3 days of signing up. Also, we need your height, weight, gender and age to make sure we get you a properly fitted wetsuit, and partnered with instructors and water assists, please make sure to complete all sections of this form.
Please describe your disability. ( I.E. Amputee, Quadriplegic, Visually Impaired...)
If so, we want to accommodate you with the right transportation.
On Submission you will be redirected to PayPal to make your deposit for the clinic(s) you sign up for. Please note that if your deposit is not received with in three days of signing up you will not have a spot saved for the event. All clinic deposit are refundable upon participation in the event. $25 for single day events, $50 for multi-day events

All Events require a minimum number of participants, so we encourage all who are interested in attending to please invite other you know to be part of the fun! We need a minimum of at least 5 participants to hold any event.